April 21st, 2008


This is the website you can learn about Nikken Magnetic products. Since 1975 Nikken has been making magnetic products. So whether you are looking for Nikken com, Nikken PiMag Water Systems, wwwNikkenCom, Nikken Biaxial Powermag, Nikken Elastomag, www Nikken com, or Nikken Magnetic Products. Your in the right place.


See below for more products from wwwNikkenCom. Nikken has more than 200 products available now and does business in over 30 countries.  With over 30 million satisfied customers Nikken is the leader in Global Wellness.


Nikken Ciaga

Nikken Ciaga is one of the flagship nutritional supplements distributed by Nikken. Ciagas blend of juices and extracts produces an ORAC score of 800 which is more than double that of other nutritional juices and almost 4 times that of Orange Juice.

Nikken CIAGA also adds impressive levels of cardio and immune support – benefits that the other drinks don’t have.

Nikken Magstep Insoles

Nikken Magstep Insoles

Nikken Insoles are the absolute best insoles on the market today! Featuring Nikken exclusive EQL Magnetic Technology and durable, reinforced construction, they are designed with strategically shaped and placed nodules to provide your entire body with the benefits of an energizing foot massage. And Nikken EQL makes these the only insoles that provide perfectly consistent, 100% magnetic coverage on the entire surface. These advanced insoles are worn by millions of people the world over. They are exclusively constructed with two layers of specially engineered reinforcing mesh embedded on the inside layer, plus a resilient, flexible, wear-resistant outer coating. Magsteps come in three trim-to-fit sizes for both men and women.

wwwNikkencom is the leader in magnetic products.

Since 1975 Nikken has been the cutting edge developer and creator of magnetic technologies and has over the years evolved into the Worlds Total Wellness Company. www Nikken com offers over 200 products in its line up including Nutrition & Weight Management products, Sleep Systems endorsed by the World Federation of Chiropractic, Fitness and Environment Products.

wwwNikkenCom, Nikken MagCreator, Nikken Magsteps, Nikken Magstrides, and www Nikken Com are distributed Exclusively by Nikken Independent Distributors.

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